Toyota Key Programming Software For Use With Tango Programmer. This is an addition to the Base Software provided with the Tango Programmer.

Software Covers.


Auris immobox 2003-(93C56,ID70)
Auris 2005- immobox (93C66,ID67)
Avalon ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
Avalon ECU-Motorola (ID4C)
Avanza immobox 2008- (93C66,ID67)
Avanza 2010- (93C66,DST80)
Avensis immobox-Motorola (ID4D)
Avensis immobox-Motorola (ID4C)
Avensis ECU (25080,ID4C)
Avensis ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
Avensis 2003-(24C04,ID70)
Avensis immobox 2004- (93C66, ID67 ID68)
Avensis ECU 2004- (93C56, ID67 ID68)
Aygo 2003-(24C04,ID70)
Camry ECU-93C56 v.1 (ID4C)
Camry ECU-93C56 v.2 (ID4C)
Camry ECU-93C86 (ID4C)
Camry ECU-Motorola (ID4C)
Camry ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Camry immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
Camry immobox -2003(24C04,ID4C)
Camry immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Carina immobox MC68HC05 (ID4C)
Carina immobox (24C04,ID4C)
Carina 1996-(24C04,ID33)
Celica 1999- (93C56,ID4C)
Celica immobox-24C04 (ID33)
Corolla immobox-24C04 (ID4C)
Corolla immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
Corolla ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
Corolla ECU-24C02 (ID4C)
Corolla ECU-25020 (ID4C)
Corolla ECU-95080 (ID4C)
Corolla ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Corolla immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Crown Majesta (ID4C)
Duet (ID4C)
Echo ECU-25040 (ID4C)
Echo ECU-93C66
Estima immobox-24C04 (ID33)
Hiace 93C66(ID4C)
Highlander -2004 ECU (93C56,ID4C)
Highlander ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Highlander immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Hilux 2006-2011 (93C66,ID67)
Kluger ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Kluger immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Land Cruiser immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
Land Cruiser ECU-93C56 (ID4C)
Land Cruiser ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Land Cruiser immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)  
Matrix immobox 2004- (93C66, ID67 ID68)
Matrix ECU 2004- (93C56, ID67 ID68)
MR2 (93C56, ID4C)
Paseo immobox-24C04 (ID33)
Passo immobox 93C66 (ID4C)
Picnic 1999- (93C66,ID4C)
Prado ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Prado immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Previa immobox-24C04 (ID33)
Previa immobox-24C04 (ID4C)
Prius immobox-93C66 (ID4C)
Prius 2005-(93C66,ID70)
RAV4 ECU-25080(ID4C)
RAV4 (93C66,ID4C)
RAV4 (93C66,ID67G)
Rush -2005 (93C66,ID4C)
Rush 2006- (93C66,ID67)
Sequoia -2004 (93C66,ID4C)
Sequoia immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67)
Sienna ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Sienna immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Solara (ECU 93C56)
SportsVan ECU (25080,ID4C)
Starlet immobox-24C04 (ID33)
Surf ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Surf immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Wish ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Wish immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Yaris 1998 immobox 24C04(ID4C)
Yaris 2001 ECU-25020(ID4C)
Yaris 2002 ECU-95080(ID4C)
Yaris 2003 ECU-95040(ID4C)
Yaris 2003 ECU (93C86, ID4C)
Yaris 2003- immobox (93C56,ID70)
Yaris 2003- immobox (93C66,ID67)
Yaris 2004 (93C56,4C)
Smart Key System (93C66, Original Smart, TPX2, 4D)


Lexus RX300 (ID4C)
Lexus RX330 ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Lexus RX330 immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Lexus ES300 (ID4C)
Lexus IS200 (ID4C)
Lexus GS300 1998-2004
Lexus SC430 ECU 2005- (93C56,ID67 ID68)
Lexus SC430 immobox 2005- (93C66,ID67 ID68)
Smart Key System (93C66, Original Smart, TPX2, 4D)