ADVANCED DIAGNOSTICS - SMART PRO - ADS2286 Software Update for Subaru 2018 - 2019

SKU: ADS2286

ADS2286 software allows for H bladed keys and remotes to be added and programmed when an existing transponder key is present. The software can erase the keys (the key in the ignition is not erased) and program new keys (Max. of 4 Keys/Remotes). The software has been designed to bypass the security automatically in the background making it a seamless process when programming keys.

Please see the application list below for vehicle coverage or on Info Quest.

Applications Chart:

-Subaru Ascent (Bladed) H Key 2019
-Subaru Crosstrek (Bladed) H Key 2018 to 2019
-Subaru Forester (Bladed) H Key 2019
-Subaru Impreza (Bladed) H Key 2017 to 2019
-Subaru Legacy (Bladed) G Key 2018 to 2019
-Subaru Outback (Bladed) G Key 2018 to 2019


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